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Consume – Spring/Summer 2013


Dear Voracious Readers,

This double issue includes much more content than 99¢ should allow—moving from the intimacy of boiling bones to a mother’s honey, to a series of visual poems from the prolifically avant-garde Richard Kostelanetz, and much more.

Included in this is also the second installment of our author self-interview series (made possible by the lovely and gracious novelist, Ashley Warlick), as a well as a Consumed series of original illustrations from contemporary Seattle artist, Levi Hastings. And we’re also proud to have published a new piece of multimedia: the audio to a full-length radio drama featuring American icon, Roy Rogers (which was performed brilliantly by a full ensemble cast).

We also continue our investigation into the convergence of literature and media with an interview with the winner of the 2013 Transmedia Project of the Year. And after seeing what this type of multimedia future holds, we can assure you that there will definitely be no shortage of things to consume or create—only the further blurring of the lines that separate the things we consume from the things that consume us.

Fiction by:
 Erin Lynn Cook, Becca Rose Hall, Pippa Anais Gaubert, Ali Eteraz, Rob McClure Smith, Michelle Drumheller, Gina Lujan Boubion, Robert Boucheron

Nonfiction by: Ashley Warlick, Steven Edwards, Eva Saulitis

Poetry by: Jason Braun, Glen Armstrong, Richard Kostelanetz, Donald Illich, Manny Blacksher, Dawn Corrigan, Truth Thomas, Lucian Mattison, Gabriel Welsch, Dan Pinkerton, Sandra Kolankiewicz

Radio Drama Credits: Gregory Crosby, John Cusick, Cayla Buettner, Diana Norma Szokolyai, Jonah Kruvant, Max March Steinman, J.E. Reich, Dennis Shafer, Eck Sierra, Jake Rudin, Cambridge Writers’ Workshop,Armchair/Shotgun

Review(s) of: Dan Brown’s Inferno, Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Joe Hill’s NOS4A2, & Stephen King’s Joyland.

Art: Levi Hastings, Kate Protage

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