Digital Americana’s Fall Issue Now Available!

Digital Americana's Fall 2013 Issue, dealing with all things local, is now available on iPad, iPhone, and in print.


Review: Gravity

Alfonso Cuarón's tale of astronauts stranded in space is is the most remarkable, immersive, and beautiful film this year.


Spider-Man and the Consistency of American Superheroes

This second Weekend Read comes from Michael Torsell, who discusses the nature of superheroes how he learned to stop worrying and enjoy the Superior-Spider Man.


Back to the Stacks

A review of the FSG Digital Original 'Ajax Penumbra 1969' by Robin Sloan which takes us back the mysterious 24-hour bookstore of his debut novel.


Still Shining On

A review of Stephen King's latest novel, Doctor Sleep, the sequel to one of his most well-known novels, The Shining.


The Ones Who Quiz

This week Geeks Who Drink is hosting a quiz all about Breaking Bad. Digital Americana spoke the company's president and one of its QM's about what makes a great pub quiz.


iOS is Dead, Long Live iOS

There’s a saying that every end is a new beginning. And it’s a fitting thought in the wake of Apple’s release of iOS 7 that came out earlier this week.


The Anti-Cynic Club: How The Newsroom Sets Itself Apart from Other Shows

Jacob Drum examines the end of the second season of The Newsroom and how TV critics are perhaps missing the point of the show.


Breaking Bad and the Art of Narrative

Todd Natti takes a look at Breaking Bad's ability to create an organic longform narrative. **This article does NOT contain specific spoilers.**

paper dreams outer

Book Review: Paper Dreams

A review of Paper Dreams: Writers and Editors on the American Literary Magazine, compiled and edited by Travis Kurowski


To One Another (and To Dialogue)

Jacob Drum tackles the third episode of the second season of The Newsroom: "Willie Pete"


A Beautiful Mind Game

Sportswriter Dantzler Smith discusses the hidden game within baseball, the nature of soccer, and what the true American pastime may actually be.


On Life & Death By Committee

Our Sorkin Expert Jacob Drum reviews the multiple layers of this week's episode of The Newsroom, "The Genoa Tip" *POSSIBLE SPOILER’ COMIN’, Y’ALL! SKIP THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET. GO WATCH THE EPISODE (IF YOU CAN) AND THEN FINISH THE PIECE (IF YOU WANT). “Y’ALL AIN’T GOT NO HONEY NUT?”*


Consume – Spring/Summer 2013

See what's inside Consume, the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Digital Americana


The Royal Baby & American Culture

Turn on your television, visit a major media news website and you will see the news about the impending royal birth in Britain. We felt only fitting to ask University at Buffalo Professor David Schmid a British expatriate and American Culture critic his thoughts.


The Newsroom: “First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers”

Jacob Drum takes a look at The Newsroom's second season premiere.


Film Review: The Conjuring

In the world of horror, old fashion scares often times work best. Although there are certain benefits to (and frights ...


Aaron Sorkin & Modern TV: An Ode to the American Playwright (Kind Of)

“You need an agent, Ainsley. You’re gonna be a star.” “Used to be, you had to sing and dance.” I ...


The Land of Plenty? America Consumed with Guilt

May the lights in the land of plenty Shine on the truth some day – Leonard Cohen, ‘The Land of ...


A Dispatch from Egypt

For the last two years, Digital Americana has been lucky to have received a few op-ed pieces from Juditta Salem ...

Digital Americana Magazine

Digital Americana News

The Redact Issue (fall 2012) announced 9/1/12 :: New features forthcoming Press: Digital Americana featured in Literary MagNet Article in Poets & ...


Featured Artist: Chase Kunz — Fall 2012

Chase Kunz is a designer and illustrator from Seattle. He is also the Digital Americana Fall 2012 featured artist whose ...

An Interview with Audrey Braun

Interview: Audrey Braun

Fortune’s Deadly Descent by Audrey Braun An Interview by Lucy Feldman Earlier this month I set my countdown clock for the ...

Feature on J.K. Rowling — The Casual Vacany


When an Author Changes Course by Christina Kratzner Today is a day eagerly anticipated by many, not the least of ...


Interview: Jonathan Dee

To the left: a handwritten page from Jonathan Dee’s The Privileges Where is your favorite writing spot?  It’s at home. ...


Print Me

All issues since April 2011 are available as print-on-demand. Visit Store


Conflict in American Literature

America is an undeniably great nation. It affords freedom to its citizens and care to those who choose to come ...


The Wind Through the Keyhole

Once More to the Tower, a review by Todd Natti Finishing a series is a difficult thing. For many authors, a ...


Arise Year Three

What did we get right? When Digital Americana launched as the first literary magazine for the first-generation iPad we had ...


501-Word Writing Contest

Volume II of the Digital Americana 501-Writing Contest is coming soon. Check back at http://thedigitalamericana.com/contests  for rules and entry dates.


An Interview With Pinckney Benedict

DAM: “Miracle Boy,” the title story in your recent collection, is a great example of a story that will linger ...


Arise 2012 – Spring/Summer Issue

Spring/Summer 2012 — Arise With Us Fiction by: Kevin Moffett, Jeff Parker, Sean Conway, Ben Lieb Poetry by: Jéanpaul Ferro, ...


It Was Time To Escape Again (501 Word Story-Video Winner)

“It Was Time To Escape Again,” by Rip Brown was the winning entry selected from the first Digital Americana 501-Word ...


When The Thrill is Gone

Review by Todd Natti Before we begin, I must admit that my only exposure to Walter Mosley’s writing has been ...


An Interview with Fred Leebron

Do you remember your first short story? What I remember best was the 8th grade. We had a teacher give ...


In The Realm Of Tech

By Todd Natti A few years ago I worked at the Massachusetts Institute of technology as a temporary employee. While ...


Superhero Americana

Marvel has released the first official trailer for their latest feature-film comic book adapted franchise: Captain America. A summer blockbuster that ...


Who is American?

Literature and the American Identity Since the 1780’s, America has been known as the “melting pot” where nationalities are joined ...



After carrying a high-profile, top notch reputation, as James Patterson has, the expectations remained high, in anticipation of his newest ...


The Freedom Issue

Freedom July 2011 — Restless Generation Fiction by: Isaiah Swanson, Joe Flood, Forest Arthur Ormes, Candice Mancini Poetry by: William ...


Shades of Grey

If you’ve ever wondered whether the color you see as green is really the same as what everyone else calls ...



With the powerful book release of Wake, Amanda Hocking plunges you into the mysterious and intriguing world of the unknown, ...

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