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The Freedom Issue



July 2011 — Restless Generation

Fiction by: Isaiah Swanson, Joe Flood, Forest Arthur Ormes, Candice Mancini

Poetry by: William Lusk Coppage

Nonfiction by: Emily Birx, David Scott Hay

Review(s) of: Josh Ritter’s Bright’s Passage

Interviews: David Payne, Triple Cobra, Jamie Hargis

Features by: Carol Hoenig, Carib Guerra, Todd Natti, Jeff Campagna, Marion Piper, Brittany Kemp, Elizabeth Roncevic

Art Review: Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Jasper Johns, Mark Grotjah, Kara Walker, Christian Marclay, Shepard Fairey, Leidy Churchman, Saul Melman

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