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Introducing Redact!
The easiest way to redact and create erasure poetry from any text any where!

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Use Your Own Content!
Import PDFs from Pages, Dropbox, or Skydrive — then use our custom Redaction Toolset for easy redacting with just a swipe.
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Find Erasure Inspiration Anywhere . . .
Freeze found graffiti, notes written in window condensation, or words scribbled in sand with your camera to capture fleeting text & then redact it away.
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Bonus: Redact Challenge
Try the bonus Redact Challenge, a visual poetry game designed to inspire and put your redaction skills to the test with creative writing prompts (based on the most commonly used words in contemporary poetry).
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Priced to Own
At .99¢ this app is totally worth it (and your support let's us know we should keep on experimenting with creating digital literary tools & experiences).
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