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03/01/14 | Adventures at the Bookfair
Digital Americana was written up in a lovely column by Bonnie Kogos that covered her adventures at the Seattle Bookfair and which was featured in The Sudbury Star Saturday Edition.

02/27/14 |
Winter Shapes Go To Seattle AWP
“The shapes that winter leaves behind are not so defined by what was, but all the things you did not see.” This year the release of our Winter 2014 (Shapes) issue coincides with the AWP conference being held in Seattle. And we’ll be there. Throughout the conference our newest issue will be available for free through our app! and we’ll also be giving away a signed poster of the story The Flush of the Known Universe (published in the winter 2014 issue) by Jessica Handler at our booth.

10/25/13 |
Fall 2013—Local
There’s something special about the idea of local Americana, even though we know that everyone has their own understanding of what defines [local Americana] to them. And this is our issue that celebrates these details and acknowledges these differences. Featuring a self-interview by author Alice Lichtenstein, a colorful new spoken word piece, an interview with one of the creators of the interactive Silent History novel, an amazing original documentary film & nonfiction account of the world’s longest yard sale, and much more.

10/01/13 |
Silent History Receives Digital Americana Prize for Storytelling
“Telling stories on multiple platforms is a tremendously exciting discipline. ‘The Silent History’ exemplifies all that is possible when you combine literary excellence with the latest technology. We are very pleased to give this award to the creators of this innovative piece of work.” [press release]

07/18/13 |
Spring & Summer 2013—Consume
The release of our 10th issue since 2011 marks the beginning of our 4th year of overall publication. Across its’ pages, this Spring & Summer 2013 issue features a comprehensive theme about consumption and about knowing the difference between the things you consume and the things that consume you. Consume features original visual poetry from Richard Kostelanetz, a self-interview by Ashley Warlick, a full-length radio drama, and much more.

07/17/13 | 501-Word Writing Contest Opens
We begin round two of our highly successful 501-word writing contest. The winning story receives publication in an upcoming issue of Digital Americana and is used as the inspiration for an original animated video (see previous winner for example).

07/04/13 |
DAPS Entries Close
With the culmination of Independence Day we bring submissions for the Digital Americana Prize for Storytelling to a close. This is our inaugural digital book award for excellence in interactive storytelling. We thank everyone who entered and will be announcing the winner in our upcoming 2013 Spring & Summer issue.

03/06/13 |
Winter. Ends.
Our Winter issue launches unto the great digital unknown during the 2013 AWP Conference blizzard in Chicago and features our first piece of published spoken word and a self-interview by Lauren Groff. During the 3-day writer’s fair, booth visitors were able to participate in a group erasure poetry experience (as seen here and available for purchase as a poster print here).

01/15/13 |
Digital Americana receives QED seal!
The 2012 Publishing Innovation Awards selects Digital Americana Magazine as a recipient of the QED Seal (which stands for: Quality, Excellence, Design). We passed a 13-point checklist and we're honored to be given their seal of approval!

11/23/12 |
Ploughshares Features Digital Americana
"Digital Americana represents the beginning of how we can re-envision the literary magazine" from Redacted: Experiences with Digital Americana's Interactive Literary Magazine by John Rodzvilla, Emerson's College Electronic Publisher-in-Residence.

11/09/12 | Digital Magazine Award Finalist Twice Over
Digital Americana was nominated as finalists in the 2012 Digital Magazine Awards for both Magazine Launch of the Year (new format) & for Specialist Magazine of the Year. Of those included as finalists in the same categories are digital editions of Men's Health, Stuff magazine, T3, and Inquire.

11/05/12 | New Pages Screen Reading Review
"Digital Americana is living up to its name; it is redefining literary magazines in the digital world and ever enhancing the reading experience. This special “Redact” issue encourages breathing new air into the writing already published there . . . With there being so many online magazines cropping up daily, it is hard to see which ones will survive. But with the places Digital Americana is headed, I think it’ll be around for a while, paving new ways for us to experience literature, new ways to carry it with us wherever we go, new ways to react to it and redact to it."

11/04/12 | Five-Star Review from the Review Review
5-star rated review featured as main front-page review for the week of 11/04/12

10/29/12 | [PANK] Features Digital Americana
"Digital Americana, a new-ish, interactive magazine to emerge, embraces the digital aspects of publishing while valuing print literature all the same, making it a comprehensive attraction, rather than a partisan digital vs. anti digital platform . . . their new Redact issue for the iPad is a nothing short of lovely combination of historic and modern."

10/19/12 | New Fall—2012 Redact Issue Breaks Top 5 Literary Magazines in Newsstand
New Fall—2012 Redact issue breaks into the top 5 literary magazines in Apple's Newsstand one day after release. iPhone & iPad versions enter "what's hot" section and stay there!

10/18/12 | The Release of Redact Fall—2012 Ushers in the Era of Digital Americana 3.0
New Redact issue released and major app upgrade with amazing new features: Digital Americana introduces redaction & interactive erasure poetry to the digital literary magazine. Our new iPhone app was also released in tandem and featured a new custom vertical layout that was made to take advantage of the iPhone's screen size (increasing both readability & usability). Readers were given a two-week grace period to download the app(s) and all our back-issues for free while we celebrated the launch of "Redact."

10/18/12 | Digital Americana Releases User-reaction Video Showcasing New "Redact" Features
"It's fun & easy to use."

10/13/12 | Editor of Digital Americana Speaks on Panel at Louisville Annual Writer's Block Literary Festival
Panel was called "Making Matter: An Editors’ Discussion" and emphasized a discussion about the radical evolution of publishing. Many thanks to Wesley Fairman should be paid for her part in organizing the community-spirited and awesome festival.

07/25/12 | Digital Americana is Noticed for the Wrong thing . . . (as seen on Electric Literature's Flipboard feed)

05/15/12 | Digital Americana Magazine Launches Arise Issue for Spring/Summer 2012
Digital Americana is introduced to Apple's Newsstand for the first time. New issue is also offered briefly for sale as a stand-alone interactive-PDF download. Our slogan and marketing offers the suggestion to readers & writers: Arise With Us

5/05/12 | Book Review Blurbed in Best-selling Reprint
A book review published in May 2011 (written by Editor, Todd Natti) about Erik Larsen's "In the Garden of Beasts" was featured as blurb in the paper-back reprinting of the best-selling novel.

02/29/12 | Digital Americana Featured in Poets & Writers
Many thanks to Travis Kurowski for giving Digital Americana a chance.

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