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Summer & Spring 2014

“In the fabric of Americana, the lore of the people shall be defined by the people.” This double-issue (dubbed LORE for short) features Pulitzer-Prize winner Megan Marshall, and new stories, nonfiction, poetry, and art from our most prolific collection of contemporary Americana artists.

Fiction by: Erin Lynn Cook, Thomas Mundt, Suzanne Burns, Robert Boucheron, C.M. Barnes, George Djuric, Gabriel Welsch, A.K. Small, Jared Silvia, & Cally Hyde.

Nonfiction by: Alex Whalen, Megan Marshall

Poetry by: D. N. Simmers, Dan Sklar, Christopher Suda, Emily Troia, Asnia Asim, Andrea L. Hackbarth, Valerie Westmark, Charles F. Thielman, Sandra Kolankiewicz, & Kasey Perkins.

Review(s) of: To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris; Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King; Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee Burke; Jack Strong by Walter Mosley; Robogenesis by Daniel H. Wilson.

Art: Casey Weldon (cover), Bryan Aulick (photography), & Siolo Thompson (illustration)

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Winter 2014

The shapes that winter leaves behind are not so defined by what was, but all the things you did not see. This inspired collection features original fiction from Jessica Handler, the winners of the 501 Word Writing Contest, new spoken word
Americana, and much more.

Fiction by: Jessica Handler, S. Frederic Liss, T. B. Grennan, Tom Howard, J. Howard Shannon, Suzanne Stauss, Rebecca Meacham, Tara Deal, William Derringer, Courtney Prather, Scott Parson, Seth Borgen, & Claudine Guertin.

Poetry by: Justin Hamm, John Grey, John McCarthy, Ha Kiet Chau, Daniel Kilkelly, Michelle Bonczek Evory, Peter Schwartz, Jon Simmons, & M. Ayodele Heath (spoken word).

Review(s) of: Leaving the Sea by Ben Marcus & The Sugar Season by Douglas Whynott

Art: Ryan Molenkamp (cover) & Siolo Thompson (illustration)

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Fall 2013

We know that everyone has their own understanding of what defines [local Americana]. And this is our issue that celebrates these details and acknowledges these differences. Featuring a self-interview by author Alice Lichtenstein, a colorful new spoken word piece, an interview with one of the creators of the award-winning interactive Silent History novel, an amazing original documentary film & nonfiction account of the world’s longest yard sale, and much more.

Fiction by: Grant Faulkner, John Nizalowski, Robert Boucheron, Thomas Kearnes, C.M. Vitali, & Lynn Bey.

Nonfiction by: Alice Lichtenstein, Logan Jaffe, & Charlotte Austin.

Poetry by: Z.M. Wimsatt, Jacob Arnold, Brian T. Robinson, John Brantingham, Emily M. Green, Gerard Sarnat, John Gosslee, Marie Nunalee, Caleb Bouchard, & Robert Rebein (spoken word).

Review(s) of: One Summer: America, 1927 by Bill Bryson & Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon

Art: Jody Joldersma (cover), Tom Reese (photography), & Logan Jaffe (film & photography).

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Spring & Summer 2013

This double issue includes much more content than 99¢ should allow—moving from the intimacy of
boiling bones to a mother’s honey, to a series of visual poems from the prolifically avant-garde Richard Kostelanetz, and much more.

Included in this is also the second installment of our author self-interview series (made possible by the lovely and gracious novelist, Ashley Warlick), as a well as a
Consumed series of original illustrations from contemporary Seattle artist, Levi Hastings. And we’re also proud to have published a new piece of multimedia: the audio to a full-length radio drama featuring American icon, Roy Rogers (which was performed brilliantly by a full ensemble cast).

We also continue our investigation into the convergence of literature and media with an interview with the winner of the 2013 Transmedia Project of the Year. And after seeing what this type of multimedia future holds, we can assure you that there will definitely be no shortage of things to consume or create—only the further blurring of the lines that separate the things we consume from the things that consume us.

Fiction by:
Erin Lynn Cook, Becca Rose Hall, Pippa Anais Gaubert, Ali Eteraz, Rob McClure Smith, Michelle Drumheller, Gina Lujan Boubion, Robert Boucheron

Nonfiction by: Ashley Warlick, Steven Edwards, Eva Saulitis

Poetry by: Jason Braun, Glen Armstrong, Richard Kostelanetz, Donald Illich, Manny Blacksher, Dawn Corrigan, Truth Thomas, Lucian Mattison, Gabriel Welsch, Dan Pinkerton, Sandra Kolankiewicz

Radio Drama Credits: Gregory Crosby, John Cusick, Cayla Buettner, Diana Norma Szokolyai, Jonah Kruvant, Max March Steinman, J.E. Reich, Dennis Shafer, Eck Sierra, Jake Rudin, Cambridge Writers’ Workshop, Armchair/Shotgun

Review(s) of: Inferno, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, NOS4A2, Joyland.

Art: Levi Hastings, Kate Protage

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Winter 2013 — What’s in this issue:

Let's start outside. Each cover features a pair of mirrored original illustrations by contemporary artist, Robert Farkas.

Inside we are proud to introduce our first spoken word selection, “A Walk Through Belmont,” by Lisa Mecham. We are touched to have received this electric performance and that we are able to publish it alongside so many other inspired works.

Also, be on the look out for an interview with Lauren Groff
by Lauren Groff—our first attempt at (shamefully) propositioning a (very gracious) author with the notion of interviewing herself.

Lastly, we have the sounds of our featured artist, Main Sequence. His music is accessible from within the digital version of this issue, alongside an engaging dialogue about remix culture and dreams and such.

Fiction by:
Jamey Gallagher, Genevieve Oliver, Brian Miller, Evan Morgan Williams, John Duncan Talbird, and Ian Singleton
Poetry by: Teresa Starr, R. Clifford Olson, Lisa Mecham, Marvin Shackelford, Emily M. Troia
Review(s) of: Tenth of December by George Saunders &The Twelve by Justin Cronin
Interviews: Jeff Gomez, Main Sequence, Lauren Groff
Art: Robert Farkas, Mobstr

HERE for access to music featured in this issue]

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Fall 2012 — Question Everything*

Redaction, in the literary sense, is a visual art of censorship. But when taken out of the context of visual art, Redaction is
just censorship & information control. When used as art—as Austin Kleon deployed in his infamous "Blackout Poems," Redaction brings the "struggle of writing to the surface." This kind of visual poetry is a reminder that meaning sometimes cannot be separated from perception.

Whenever something is redacted, regardless of why, it causes the reader to "question everything" they see on the page or on the screen—and in these hurried times we believe that perhaps the quality of our art will be judged and remembered only in parallel to the quality of our questions. We offer "Redact" not to hide a single word, but for the call to question,
to question everything we can.

Fiction by:
Ben Miller, Eric Prochaska, Mitch James, Khristian Mecom, Andrew Kozma, Lenore Weiss, LaTanya McQueen, David Cameron, Kevin Grauke
Poetry by: Stephanie Schlaifer, Jéanpaul Ferro, Thomas Pescatore, Jen Karetnick, Megan Hall
Review(s) of: Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d'Art by Christopher Moore, Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, and Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon
Interviews: Austin Kleon, Chase Kunz, Someguy (Brian Singer), and Adam Cushman
Features by: Todd Natti and Marion Piper
Art: Chase Kunz

*New Features: Redact mode introduced. Redact & create your own stunning visual poetry instantly and share it with friends or save it to your device.

New enhanced iPhone layout. Starting with Fall 2012 all iPhone issues will be designed and enhanced for the iPhone screen size.

*And a new app upgrade with improvements across the board!
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Spring/Summer 2012 — Arise With Us

Fiction by:
Kevin Moffett, Jeff Parker, Sean Conway, Ben Lieb
Poetry by: Jéanpaul Ferro, Holly Day, Michael Shorb, Leroy Van Stets
Review(s) of: Matthew Pearl's The Technologists, Alan Lightman's Mr.G
Interviews: Pinckney Benedict, Rip Brown, Rachel Schagris, Nate Damm
Features by: Juditta Salem, Marion Piper
Art: Julien Ulvoas
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The Fall
Autumn 2011* — The People Stir

Fiction by:
Nick Green, Subba Rao, Claire Harris, Rip Brown, Steve Morgan, Lynne Oppie, Raj Kapoor, Nanette Avery, James White, Clarence Bastedo, Thomas S. Bender, Josh Patrick, Gene Fida
Nonfiction by: David Scott Hay
Reviews of: Christopher Bollen's Lightning People
Interviews: Set & Setting, Dick Weissman,
Features: Marion Piper, Todd Natti, Mary Kate Ventura
Art: Wednesday Wolf, Matheus Lopes Castro

*Trim Size
: Digest Series
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National Pastime
August 2011 — Summer Play

Fiction by:
Shane Joaquin Jimenez, Toni M. Todd,
Nonfiction by: Emily Birx, David Scott Hay
Review(s) of: Dan Simmons' Flashback
Interviews: Garth Risk Hallberg, Shady K,
Features by: Carib Guerra, Todd Natti, Jeff Campagna, Marion Piper
Art: Nathan Sawaya, Nick Thompson
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July 2011 — Restless Generation

Fiction by:
Isaiah Swanson, Joe Flood, Forest Arthur Ormes, Candice Mancini
Poetry by: William Lusk Coppage
Nonfiction by:
Emily Birx, David Scott Hay
Review(s) of: Josh Ritter's Bright's Passage
Interviews: David Payne, Triple Cobra, Jamie Hargis
Features by: Carol Hoenig, Carib Guerra, Todd Natti, Jeff Campagna, Marion Piper, Brittany Kemp, Elizabeth Roncevic
Art Review: Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Jasper Johns, Mark Grotjah, Kara Walker, Christian Marclay, Shepard Fairey, Leidy Churchman, Saul Melman
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American Summer
June 2011 — Coconut Roadtrip

Fiction by:
David Pischke, David Scott Hay, Nanette L. Avery, Jordan Dunne
Poetry by: Marion Piper
Nonfiction by: Henry Cohen,
Review(s) of:
Daniel H. Wilson's Roboocalypse
David Schmid, Joe Cappabianca, Roger Gastman, Paul Jury
Music: American Dollar
Features by: Carol Hoenig, Carib Guerra, Brittany Kemp, Todd Natti, Jeff Campagna, Clarence Smith, Jr., Brittany Kemp, Elizabeth Roncevic
Art: Jamie Hargis
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May 2011 — 5/1

Fiction by:
Thomas Sullivan, Lonnie James, Todd Natti
Poetry by: Nanette L. Avery
Nonfiction by: Henry Cohen,
Review(s) of:
Erik Larson's In The Garden Of History, Public Art New York
Nathaniel Rich, David White, Carol Saller
Music: DJ Moe Choi
Features by: Carol Hoenig, Clarence Smith, Jr., Jeff Campagna, Marion Piper, Brittany Kemp, Elizabeth Roncevic
Art: David White, Jean Parker Phifer
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April 2011 — Liberty Child

Fiction by:
Linda Hanley, Elijah Simone, Jeff Campagna, Josh Komon
Poetry by: Nanette L. Avery
Nonfiction by: Clarence Smith, Jr., Juditta Salem,
Review(s) of:
Salman Rushdie's Luka and the Fire of Life, Walter Mosley's When the Thrill is Gone
Jonathan Dee, Thaddeus Russell
Matt Pless, MC Bisco Smith
Features by: Carol Hoenig, Jeff Campagna, Todd Natti
Art: Emmanuel Laflamme, Gabriel Alborozo
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April 2010 — 2kX: The Year of the Tablet*

Fiction by:
Elijah Simone, Greg Bing, Willie Osterweil, Andrew Pluktin,
Poetry by: Nanette L. Avery
Nonfiction by: John A. Clendenin, Nina Brown
Review(s) of:
Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy
Interviews: Fred Leebron, Gary Di Raffaele, Johnny Kelly
Music: Emily Easterly
Features by: Todd Natti, Carol Hoenig, Willie Osterweil, Len Cannon, San Faustina
Cover: Tony Fasciano
Art: Alan Bessen

(*The original issues from the Digital Americana App V.1 are no longer available for sale and are not included as part of the Digital Americana app or for print. Nonetheless this was our first issue.)

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